Sharing Seattle Stories is a collaborative project for sharing stories about race and social justice work and anti-racism in Seattle. And like our city, this project will grow and change with each unique story that is woven into its fabric.

We invite you to join us by sharing your stories. Stories can be in any form: photographs, videos, music, art, recipes — whatever medium inspires you. With your help we hope to uplift well-known icons of the movement and everyday stories about you, your friends, family, neighbors, ancestors, activists, and community organizations that advance this work.

Sharing these stories will give us all insight about how we all shape the past, present, and future of anti-racism in our community. And our hope is that with a deeper understanding of where we’ve been, we can help move racial justice forward towards the creation of a more equitable society and culture.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these stories will begin as online experiences on this platform. When it’s safe to do so, we hope to also create physical exhibits that could be displayed throughout the city.

What’s your Seattle Story?